Town and Country Garden Club

Site Updated: Febuary 16, 2014

Pollinator Project


Town and Country Garden Club

 Conservation Exhibit

Created for a major flower show called Art en Fleurs, held at the Harley Davidson Museum, in Milwaukee, WI.


Plant herbs

Host Plants, milkweed

Use Organic Plants

Use Native Plants

Plant a variety of flowers in large groups

Seasonal blooms in purple, blue, red & yellow


Tree stumps and snags

Brush piles

Reduce grass

Leave NATURAL untidy areas

Bare dirt

Bee house

Water source


Share seeds
Community Garden
Register your garden
Talk to neighbors & children
Share information on Social Media sites


Avoid clearcutting
Avoid Invasive Species
Eliminate Neonicotinoids
Limited use of Pesticides and Herbicides
Support Organic Nurseries and Farms

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