Town and Country Garden Club

Site Updated: Febuary 16, 2014

About Us

A bit about us...

Town and Country Garden Club, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is a club of about 40 Active members and over 20 Affiliate members. Members meet every month from September through June for a business meeting and educational program.  

Town and Country Garden Club has been serving the Sheboygan Wisconsin area communities and members for almost 60 years. Organized in 1956 the Club provides monetary support and volunteer service for meaningful projects in the community which are related to the Club's broad objectives of beautifying and improving the environment.  As a result, long-term relationships have been established with city, county and state agencies and officials.  

To raise money for these projects, members also host major events for the public that are enjoyable, educational and successful.  

The Club was affiliated with the Wisconsin State Federation of Garden Clubs from 1957-1976 and became the 176th member of The Garden Club of America in 1969. Today The Garden Club of America has 200 member clubs.

Town and Country has a presence throughout the community and its members can be found wherever there are matters being explored about the environment – through gardening, flower arranging, protection of wildlife and native plants, preservation of horticultural, historic, scenic or ecological value, protection of air, water and soil pollution and civic beautification.  The Club makes every effort to support appropriate and meaningful causes at the local, state and national levels, as a club and as individuals