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Recycling Directory

 Sheboygan Area Recycle Directory 


It is up to all of us to recycle. With this list, you will know where to take your reusable items. For information about your curb recycle programs 

In Sheboygan go to: 

In the Town of Sheboygan go to: 

In Sheboygan Falls go to 

In Elkhart Lake go to: 

In the Village of Kohler go to: 

ALUMINUM CANS (soda cans) 

Sheboygan and Town of Sheboygan - put in blue bags for curbside collection. 

Elkhart Lake – blue bag curbside. Aluminum can recycle cage operated by Boy Scouts located at 51 E. Maple St. next to Village Garage. 

Sheboygan - Get cash for your cans 


3313 North 21st Street
Sheboygan, WI
(920) 457-2431



Veolia Environmental Services , 2905 Paine Ave., 458-6030 

J&J recycling, LLC, 709 Cty Rd PP , Plymouth, 893-2070 


Lithium, zinc air, silver oxide and rechargeable, also batteries for hearing aids, computers, glucose testers, watches, dog collars, toys, film cameras, digital cameras, remotes and car remotes accepted for recycling at no charge at Batteries Plus 519 Taylor Dr. 920-459-9494 Taylor Heights Shopping Center. 

Alkaline standard batteries A,B,C,D, etc. accepted with charge of 99 cents per pound. 

Rechargeable battery recycling at 

Best Buy Deer Trace 920-458-5710; 

Cardinal Environmental 3303 Paine Ave. Sheboygan 920-459-2500; 

Home Depot Deer Trace 920-451-0624 

For Vehicle Batteries 

Auto Zone 1515 N. 13th Sheboygan 920-451-6988 

For worn out vehicle batteries (Sheboygan residents only) 

DPW 2026 New Jersey , M–F 8–6, Sat 8-4 

Veolia 2905 Paine Ave 920-458-6030 $6.00 ea. 


Mead Public Library 710 N. 8th 920-459-3400 accepts books and magazines in good condition 

Curbside recycling using blue bags 


Earthwise Recycling N7051 Bridgewood Rd. Sheboygan Falls 920-467-9951, call for appointment 


City of Sheboygan tree pick up is the second week of January curbside only. 

Sheboygan Falls residents are to take their trees to the DPU compost site. 


St. Vincent De Paul 

4215 Hwy 42, Sheboygan 920-457-4844 

Donation hours: Monday – Saturday 9 – 5:00 

Goodwill Industries 

3657 Greenwing Dr., Sheboygan 920-459-8600 

Donation hours: Sunday 10-7, M – F 9 – 9, Saturday 9 – 8 

Sharon Richardson Hospice Resale Store 

Intersection of Hwy 23 and Hwy32, Sheboygan Falls 920-467-7941 

Fringe Benefits (donations for animals) 

725 S Taylor Dr., Sheboygan 920-783-0027 


Most dry cleaners (Fussy cleaners no longer recycle hangers) 


Best Buy 

3600 Cty Tk Hwy A, Kohler 920-458-5710 

Limit 3 items per household per day, no charge 

Good will Industries 

3657 Greenwing Dr. , Sheboygan 920-459-8600 

Hours: Sun 10-7, M-F 9-9, Sat 9-8 

Erase personal hard drive 

Earthwise Recycling, LLC 

North of County Road J, Sheboygan Falls 920467-9951 

All hard drives will be erased and shredded. Minimal charge for some components 

Call or email to arrange a time to drop off items Monday - Friday 


Any eye care provider will have a donation box for used eye glasses 

Lions Club International has partnered with Walmart Vision Centers to provide donated used eye glasses to impoverished countries. 


(Same as clothing) 


Habitat for Humanity ReStore 

1911 North 8th St., Sheboygan 920-452-4175 

Hours: Wed.- Fri 9-5, Sat. 9-4 

Windows, insulated glass, no broken glass

GOLFBALLS – for bulk recycling 

Dixon Golf – retail location or contact: – to purchase recycled and used golf balls 


Contact the following for most current dates and locations: (held mid-May in the past) 

Sheboygan County Planning and Conservation Department – 459-3060 (chemicals, paints, lead acid batteries, oil, and bio-hazardous waste) 

County website: 

   Click on Departments 

   Click on Planning and Programs 

   Click on HHW 

0r – 

Clean Sweep Programs (aerosol paint, solvents and cleaning agents, oven cleaner, spa and pool cleaners, household bulbs, photographic chemicals, plant pesticides) 

Call for acceptability and to confirm cost - $10.oo per vehicle/per event 

Mike Ballweg, Crops and Soils Agent, UW – Sheboygan County 

5 University Drive, Sheboygan, WI 53081 920-459-5904 


May be considered co-mingled recyclables for weekly curbside collection in all communities offering single-stream recycling 

Sheboygan County 

Blue Bag – Max. Weight – 35# - Min. Bag Size – 13 gal. 

Glass (recycled bottles and jars) 

Paper Products (newspapers, magazines, g\flattened cardboard) 

Plastic Bottles, Containers and Jugs #1 – 7 


Best Buy – Kohler, outside entrance 

Office Max -- 3434 Kohler Memorial Dr. - 

         If you join the rewards program for every 5 cartriges you bring in they will give you a money on you rewards account.

Or, Check out Charity Opportunities: 

St. Paul Lutheran School St– 1819 N. 13th St. – Sheboygan – church or outside entrance 

Jefferson Elementary School – school library 


Compact fluorescent bulbs – Home Depot, Deer Trace, 451-0624 

Tube lights- Veolia Environmental Services, 2905 Paine Ave., 458-6030 


Sheboygan Scrap Metals – 2801 N. 21st. – Sheboygan 920-4521894 

Gus Holman Co. – 3313 N. 21st St. – Sheboygan – 920-457- 2431 

Veolia Environmental Services – 2905 Paine Ave – Sheboygan – 920-458-6030 (Some fees – extra for Freon appliances) 

City of Sheboygan Department of Public Works Recycling (Sheboygan residents Only) 

2026 New Jersey Ave. Mon. – Fri. 8 am – 6 pm, Sat. 8 am – 4 pm 


Valvoline Oil Change, 1960 Eastern Ave., Plymouth, 893-6101 

Auto Zone, 1516 N. 13th, Sheboygan, 451-6988 

Mobile 1 Lube Express, Calumet Ave., 459-5640 

PAINT (Oil Base and Solvents) 

Several hazardous waste collections are held each year by Sheboygan County Planning and Resources Department. 459-3785 


Shredded paper, office paper, telephone books, mail order catalogs, cardboard, newspapers, magazines, assorted packaging paper, mixed paper accepted at the Sheboygan 

Recycling Center

8 – 4, M – F , 1206 Illinois Ave., 451-5091. 

Curb side recycling 


Outdated prescription drugs with your name blacked out but name of drug visible – Local Police Station 


Bottles and jugs #1 – 7 local recycling service using blue bag. 


Garbage recycling curbside 


Most are returned to place of purchase to be refilled or recycled. If that is not possible, the city will accept the tank if it is cut into two pieces (to be sure there is no gas remaining in the tank). 


Most scrap metals can go into recycling. There is a drop off bin at the city recycling center on New Jersey Ave with an attendant that can answer specific questions. 


City asks that it go into garbage. 


Can be taken to Best Buy. Cost is $10 but in return you receive a $10.00 gift certificate. 


Can be taken to Veolia Environmental Services, 2905 Paine Ave., Sheboygan (458-6030) 

There is a fee per tire and it depends on how many and what size tire. 

**Sheboygan County Hazardous Waste disposal has 4 scheduled dates each year at several locations including Maywood, Plymouth highway shed and Cascade highway shed. 

Directory Updated SEP 2019